After many years delivering projects and undertaking hands on consulting assignments, we have seen first hand most of our clients struggling with initiating and executing change projects


Momentum is all too often slowed or disrupted by a lack of high quality people and teams available to “hit the ground running” to get a fast start and the foundations of the programme in place to get properly mobilised


Securing these teams through traditional recruitment routes is often based on a “sheep-dip” approach, with little follow-on accountability for the performance of the teams, or at worst, putting the onus of getting the right people in the right place left solely with the client


Our customers have not found the service they need from the traditional Recruitment suppliers and the Consulting vendors prove to be expensive and difficult to work with


So we set up AUGERE to offer the service our clients were asking for. To bridge recruitment and consulting service offerings, sourcing project teams to augment our clients own change capabilities whilst continuing to provide expert change and transformation leadership and consultancy


Ongoing change is inevitable, driven by regulatory demands, competition or disruptive forces including automation, robotics and digital innovation.  So injecting temporary or interim skills will always be required alongside permanent project and IT skilled colleagues


AUGERE offer a new approach to augmenting change and project teams: helping to shape the transformation approach upfront and then taking the administrative hassle out of recruitment, serving up high quality change and project teams with delivery management included as part of the service on offer



 We work with our clients to identify the key areas of change that require support and then create a service tailored to these specific needs


We mobilise specialist teams with deep industry expertise and knowledge, who are known to us, have a proven track record in delivery and who demonstrate the right behaviours for working collaboratively with you


What makes AUGERE different is the combination of recruitment expertise and consulting skills of our leadership team blended together in our service proposition that delivers for our customers


Putting our customer’s needs first.  Blending our expertise in recruitment and change delivery to place a team with the right mix of skills and ways of working to supplement our customers projects


AUGERE will take the pain out of the recruitment process for our customers to give a fast start, then manage and oversee ongoing delivery


We will also aim to train up and hand over as soon as we can, without outstaying our welcome and maximising the fees



AUGERE provide a ‘trusted’ service offering.


Our clients trust us to source quickly a high-quality and high-performing team to pump-prime and mobilise a project that has urgent delivery timelines and where they lack capacity and specific skills


We build on this to provide industry-wide knowledge and expertise, built on many years of practical experience