our purpose

Delivering business solutions - accelerating delivery through ready made teams of expert change professionals


With many years experience of delivering large scale programmes and undertaking hands on consulting assignments behind us, we have seen first-hand many of our clients struggling with initiating and executing change projects, and subsequently delivering the benefits they need and expect 


Momentum is all too often slowed or disrupted by a lack of high-quality people and teams available to "hit the ground running" to get a fast start and the foundations of the programme in place to get properly mobilised


about us

AUGERE specialise in providing ready made project teams that augment your own projects and programmes. We offer a hybrid service that bridges traditional consulting and recruitment models, offering the best of both worlds. It is not a numbers game where we are looking to put 'bums on seats' , but all about finding the right mix of people with the right skills and behaviours to work seamlessly with your own people. We are experts in recruitment in our own right but have a strong pedigree in change management and project delivery. We are pragmatic and driven to make a difference, but recognise that our customers need to come along the journey and retain control; so the change can embed and sustain the benefits that were originally envisioned in the strategy.


AUGERE will help you lead change by demonstrating the behaviours required to drive and embed the change you need


At AUGERE we passionately believe that success with our clients results from how we operate as much as what we do and what we know. The values and behaviours we demonstrate in delivery are critical to working successfully with our customers

Our teams are assembled with individuals who exhibit the highest standards of behaviour as well as the technical knowledge and capability you would expect as a given. Deploying one of our teams on the ground will help grow your own people's capabilities through coaching and on the job training as well as accelerating delivering of the business outcomes you are looking for

Our colleagues are at the centre of our service proposition. We provide a supportive work environment that is not seen in traditional augmentation models, with access to a wide pool of knowledge, insight and practical advice that is geared to developing and maintaining a highly motivated and energetic consulting team. Our own recruitment focuses as much on values and the right behaviours as well as expertise and experience. We also manage our teams on site with our customers, by providing a delivery management overlay as part of our service proposition 

our values

Our values define who we are at AUGERE. They guide our actions and behaviour: the way we work with each other and the way we engage with our clients


We like to seamlessly augment your own teams, leading from within to accelerate delivery of your business solutions.

Who we are:



People who demonstrate integrity, respect and determination



People with energy, passion and creativity



People who embrace and deliver change


People who build relationships based on listening and doing the right thing, with the courage to lead and speak out