Project & Programme Management

Given the nature of our business, expert project and programme management skills sit at the heart of what we do. 


As you would expect, all our Project and Programme management team are highly experienced in managing a range of projects in fast-moving and dynamic environments. Our leadership team alone has over 60 years experience leading some of the biggest project and programmes


The knowledge and experience we bring to the delivery of your projects enables us to utilise expert skills (backed up by professional accreditation), but allows a deeper, more insightful approach to project delivery - asking the searching questions, holding suppliers and partners to account, truly understanding commercials (not just moving numbers around), looking "over the bonnet" to anticipate and mitigate upcoming problems and executing against a sensible plan based on firm foundations.


We also recognise that the world of project management is developing rapidly, with the introduction of new techniques to help accelerate project delivery and benefits realisation. Here again we have the expertise to work with you to agree what works for your circumstances (one size definitely does not fit all). From a traditional waterfall heavy-lift programme to an agile automation based piece, or a migration towards a DevOps environment, we can help shape the best approach to ensure successful and on-target delivery.


As well as excellent core project skills, key for success in any project is a pragmatic, engaging and pro-active leadership approach. Building relationships across technology, business, operations and suppliers is both essential, yet an inexact science. This is where the experience of the Augere team will enable higher confidence in successful delivery


Whilst many organisations offer project management capability, at AUGERE we believe this is so critical that we provide further highly experienced oversight for all our projects through our team of Delivery Directors. Their role is to work with both the delivery teams and our customers to ensure relentless focus on successful delivery of the projects and associated benefits, exceptional stakeholder engagement and point of reference. 


 To support successful delivery we have created the Augere Way - a framework of best practice, practical approaches based on experience which we embed in or teams. Great project delivery will be a combination of this framework, and the strength of relationships built within the business



portfolio management

Effective Portfolio Management is critical for any business to maximise the return on the investment in its Change budget


Why does it matter? Well it provides the critical bridge between business strategy and project/programme delivery. It ties the business plans to business outcomes and ensures that all work is aligned, is driving the right focus and priority and that the end product is what everyone is expecting it to be


Portfolio management requires a strategic approach, ability to understand and manage many competing elements, and to act as the trusted link between the change world and the senior leadership/board


The fast changing world of Project and Programme management continues to evolve as businesses look for new ways to deliver mission-critical change more quickly, cheaply and at less risk to the organisation


This has seen the emergence of new methodologies such as Agile and DevOps, alongside the more traditional waterfall approaches


Our teams combine experts in all these methods of change delivery, including the essential skills to manage organisational and leadership transformation 


When we work with your business, we will bring our experience and market knowledge to agree how best to approach and execute the transformation your business needs