programme recovery

There are many reasons why a project or programme can fail. These can range from un-achievable or unrealistic objectives, unclear requirements leading to poor design, inaccurate estimating, de-motivated or defeated project teams,  complex supplier arrangements or a lack of drive and accountability to deliver the work. Industry-wide, its a sobering statistic that once a budget gets over £1m then there is a 50% chance the project will fail to deliver to original plans and business cases.


But what is often a common theme is that many of the signs of a project or programme in distress have been hiding in plain sight for a long time - slowly worsening risk profile, regular missing of increasingly critical milestones, low attendance at key governance meetings...the list goes on. Once recognised it is essential that in order to recover the programme, or stabilise it, that often hard, fact and data driven decisions need to be made, and this is where AUGERE can provide a real "emergency service" by drawing on many years experience of recovering many projects of differing sizes and complexity.


Our approach is based on conducting a through deep dive of the work - understanding the real underlying cause of the challenge is key to prevent any action plan simply making matters worse! We focus on both the mechanics of the project process, but equally importantly on the people, their capability and experience together with providing the right form of leadership and guidance required to first stabilise and then mobilise the recovery plan.


Equally, we work closely with the senior stakeholders and sponsors to drive out a pragmatic and supported plan for recovery which will deliver the required benefits across the business and its customers.


Programme Recovery can be one of the hardest forms of project management. That is why using AUGERE, with our blend of knowledge and experience, together with the strong leadership needed to support you through this period, will ensure the best possible outcome for your investment.