programme assurance

Programme Assurance is all about building confidence in the successful delivery of important and expensive change programmes and portfolios


In today's world, every penny of investment counts. Often one of the largest P&L allocations a business will make will be on projects and programmes to transform the business, for example, to expand into new markets, replace ageing infrastructure/IT systems or undertake rationalisation/re-shaping


Whatever the outcome, given the many challenges that projects face during their lifecycle, it makes sense to have an independent view of the status of the project to give confidence that the end result will be achieved in line with expectations


This can include assessing the progress against plan, the quality and strength of that plan, the effectiveness of the project team (perhaps most importantly its leadership), the risk management and control framework that controls the project, and, especially in larger more complex portfolios, the impact and management of internal and external dependencies / suppliers. Another key element will be looking at the quality and nature of the product being built - does it meet expectations? Have decisions been made that invalidate the business case / business objectives?


Many organisations simply do not have the resources, or the level of independence needed to carry out this task effectively. At AUGERE, we have a range of highly experienced change practitioners at all levels who can undertake short focused assignments to provide this level of assurance, together with pragmatic assessments of any areas for improvement, or where changes in approach / project personnel are recommended


When we work with a client to complete this type of assurance, we will bring our most experienced team to your business to ensure we deliver expert analysis in a highly cost-effective manner, to allow you to be confident in the successful delivery of the work