process improvement

AUGERE recognise the challenges organisations face today to remain competitive whilst reducing or maintaining costs without compromising on quality.  Our Business Process Improvement expertise can help you focus on your processes and fix or redesign them in order to solve your challenges and transform your business. 


With experienced teams of Business Process professionals drawn from across many sectors, AUGERE will tailor a solution that will fit any size, shape and demand that you may have, and whilst we can draw on many years experience, we understand that each new challenge will be different. Key to our success has been our commitment fully to integrating and working with our business partners - we work hard to operate as "trusted advisors" to your business, as well as executing change to the highest standards


Our approach is to develop a close and trusted partnership, where the primary goal is to build up the knowledge, skills and confidence in your own teams to enable them to deliver projects successfully


Our Business Process Improvement experts can help you with:

operating model design

AUGERE will help you prepare for any transformation activity by clearly defining your current state operating model (who does what where with what systems) and designing your target operating model i.e. your desired future design.


By having a view of your current operating model enables you to have a clear understanding of which people, processes and systems will be impacted by your planned transformation activity.  It is also hugely beneficial in identifying effort associated with individual processes and provides an indication of which processes to focus on in order to lead to the greatest improvements.



The target operating model acts as the blueprint for your transformation plan ensuring the transition from current state to target state is conducted in a smooth and seamless manner with all required people and process changes planned meticulously.  

lean six sigma process improvement

Lean Six Sigma is a fact-based, data-driven methodology that focuses on reducing process variation, reducing waste, removing any root causes thereby preventing defects.  There is a real focus on understanding the customer needs to drive customer satisfaction whilst still focusing on bottom-line results.   



Lean and Six Sigma both provide customers speed of delivery combined with the best possible quality, cost and delivery.  A successful intervention from AUGERE will start by focusing on the Lean approach to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes to reduce waste across the organisation with Six Sigma interventions also applied to further improve them further or redesign them from scratch.  

continuous improvement

AUGERE want to ensure that any process improvement is not a one off activity by helping an organisation move to a mindset of continuous process improvement. Whilst any one off activity will bring about huge benefits these standards will only be maintained if you constantly review and refine business process to achieve and align with your business goals.


AUGERE will support your organisation to put in the place the process infrastructure allowing you to continuously monitor and improve your processes