leadership & Capability development

Leadership – how to develop it, retain it, plan for its succession etc, - is the number one challenge for business leaders in the UK and the one that keeps HR leaders up at night the most.

Effective leadership, in the context of a multi-generational workplace, doesn’t have to be a headache (or remain a mystery) or cause sleepless nights. It simply requires leaders and managers at every level to realise, and accept, that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to leadership is no longer effective and to adopt some new tools and techniques to make leading their team easier and more fulfilling. Of course modern managers also need to be self-aware and develop a deep understanding of people, their needs and what’s important to them.

Consider also that the millennials and Gen Z coming into the workplace have a different outlook on life and work than “Generation X” and “Baby Boomers”. Their expectations of the workplace and their manager, the way they think, the things that drive them and their aspirations are also different … and it results in all kinds of disconnects in the workplace. 

“It’s not in the knowing … it’s in the doing”


is at the heart of our philosophy to achieving effective sustainable change. In other words it’s vital that learning is translated into the workplace and becomes embedded as part of day to day working – and we work hard to ensure this happens with every client.

The AUGERE Leadership & Development programmes are designed based on our experience of working with a wide range of organisations in a variety of sectors and identifying the common barriers that prevent effective leadership, fully engaged teams, effective teamworking and businesses achieving their full performance potential.


Above all, we recognise that individual circumstances and business needs vary hugely from company to company. In line with our AUGERE philosophy, we will work closely with you to ensure  the key learning topics and emphasis for all interventions are agreed with you according to your specific needs and chosen to provide the most effective and practical skills to managers and employees at every level which will deliver tangible improvements in performance and results in the shortest possible timescale.