change management

Successful delivery of transformation in any business is a dynamic mix of processes, people and methods, but above all, understanding the very specific needs of your individual business


With experienced teams of Change professionals drawn from across many sectors, AUGERE will tailor a solution that will fit any size, shape and demand that you may have, and whilst we can draw on many years experience, we understand that each new challenge will be different. Key to our success has been our commitment fully to integrating and working with our business partners - we work hard to operate as "trusted advisors" to your business, as well as executing change to the highest standards


Unlike many Change consultancies we do not focus purely on Technology, as the true benefits of change will only come from effective integration with the operations and business teams: indeed it is now widely recognised that the human and customer experience / product element of change  as critical to success as new technology solutions


To help shape the best way for us to work with you, we have developed a 4 stage approach to project and change management, but the real key to success is not simply following a process, but understanding how this best works for you


Our Change Management approach is to develop a close and trusted partnership, where the primary goal is to build up the knowledge, skills and confidence in your own teams to enable them to deliver projects successfully




Approaching the implementation phase with a "customer first" mindset is critical to ensure minimal customer impacts, and business/operational disruptions. In the fast moving digital age even brief interruptions in service can be very costly, with customers increasingly mobile to other brands and companies.


We can bring a wealth of experience of different implementations – from small scale Test and Learns, Agile MVP launches, through to full Mission Control functions controlling change across many staff, offices and businesses

business change

Major transformations are often viewed as “technology” changes, with the key training and communications activities left till last, and often rushed, resulting in poor quality implementations and numerous live problems and follow up issues, not least in key customer facing channels. 


At AUGERE, we have extensive experience to help your business manage the end to end process of ensuring teams, your operation and your customers are fully equipped to land the change in a successful manner

business readiness

Often overlooked in big transformation n plans, ensuring the Business is ready, supportive and accepting of the change is one of the most critical elements for successful delivery, and often the hardest to achieve.


Co-ordinating the People strategy through pro-active hands-on engagement (including impacted customer groups) is essential, and an area where AUGERE can bring industry-leading expertise to help achieve a step change in the quality and pace of your projects and programmes