regulatory & risk

Experienced and knowledgeable change leaders who understand compliance and governance, who can oversee these programmes and manage the implicit risks are essential  


Regulatory changes in the EU and the EEA (such as GDPR, PSD2 and Open Banking in financial services), together with fast changing consumer preferences, the emergence of non-traditional players and the presence of technology-enabled innovation will all be catalysts for change for businesses in all sectors


AUGERE has experienced and knowledgeable change leaders who understand compliance and governance and can deploy strategies and manage programmes to achieve regulatory compliance

four forces as catalysts for change in banking


PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2)


The new EU directive requires Banks within the EU and the EEA to provide third-party access to customers accounts for both account information and payment initiation via open APIs, starting 2018


Changing consumer preferences


Heightened expectations: modern digital and social experiences are redefining the use of technology in our everyday lives and customers have higher expectations on what their banking services should be


Emergence of non traditional players


The emergence of non-traditional players in the Banking market, largely from the FinTech community provides a threat to existing revenue streams and loss of direct customer relationship


Technology enabled innovation and connectivity


By using open APIs, organisations can rapidly assemble and launch new digital products and services by leveraging both internal and 3rd party APIs


APIs hide the complexity of underlying functions, allowing business and technology partners to focus on building value-added capabilities without being concerned about the internals


Scalable Next-Gen Infrastructure - the proliferation of cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (AAS) and platform-as-a-service (PAAS) offerings in addition to new offerings centred on rapid integration are further accelerating the programmable web