e-programme management office (e-PMO)

Providing control and leadership to increase success of project and business benefit delivery


Project and Programme planning and tracking, resource management, forecasting, financial control and consistent, well-defined Project Management processes are an essential part of any programme team, even more so when working in a closely regulated environment


From our experience, a well established and effective PMO will give the project teams and leadership improved control and visibility of key metrics (including Red Flags), and will build confidence in senior leadership through improved transparency and consistency of relevant and timely Management Information. In many ways, the PMO becomes the "nerve centre" of the Programme


At Augere, we will work with you to build a PMO solution for your needs - be it a short term review and improvement plan or a team to setup and run an ongoing PMO function. Our team includes PMO specialists at all levels to ensure you get the right level of support at the right time to achieve project / programme and portfolio success


We have highlighted some of the areas we can help with below, but this is only the start!


Planning & Tracking

Accurate planning will set up your project or programme for success, be the benchmark for performance, and the measure against which progress is tracked, and early warning of problem identified. Effective planning, from business strategy all the way down to individual projects is a valuable investment in time, especially in fast moving agile / devops environments.

Augere has experts at planning to help you setup and execute your change projects for success

Financial management

Management of the financial aspects of any project is essential to ensure budgets are met and the overall benefits of the work are delivered. It forms one of the important tracking indicators, and can be an early warning sign of risks to the projects delivery plans. 

AUGERE can help by providing advice and practical tools to help control the E2E cost profiles, as well as the warning signs of over (or under) spending. 

risk management

Timely and controlled management of risks and issues is perhaps one of the most important skills for project and business leadership, and the role of PMO in controlling and overseeing this process is crucial.

Many projects fail due to a lack of awareness, appreciation or control of emerging and long-standing risks. The role of a PMO in highlighting and managing preventative measures is invaluable in ensuring progress is maintained and disruption minimised.


At Augere we will support your projects teams through an assessment of your risk profile and mitigations (highlighting areas where further work may be beneficial), together with helping establish an enduring capability.


reporting / MI

One of the key benefits of an effective PMO is being able to aggregate large amounts of report data into understandable, relevant and timely reporting to help projects teams manage day to day, and also to provide transparency and the "bigger picture" to Portfolio owners and board members - in turn increasing confidence and support for the objectives of the projects & programmes. Without it, control can quickly be lost, poor or uninformed decisions made and wrong priorities set.


At Augere, we can apply both the practical skills and tools to help you create effective reporting, and also apply our many years of hands-on experience in managing large and complex portfolios

The above are a snapshot of some of the areas where AUGERE can help you establishing a high-performing e-PMO function to support delivery of your change agenda. Please contact us to find out more about the services we offer in full.