digital transformation

Pioneering the way and helping you navigate from Waterfall to Agile, transitioning to DevOps


Digital has become a catch-all term for a multitude of initiatives including e-commerce, channel management, automation, digital brand awareness, operational efficiency and customer experience. It is critical, as a first step, to understand what you mean by Digital and to have a common understanding to avoid confusion and enable business expectations to be understood and managed. The key first step is defining your objectives and scope in a Digital Strategy before then moving into transformation through programmes of work


Digital is far from easy and is an ongoing organisation-wide set of activities


The objectives of a Digital Strategy


Relationships & information
Manage and maintain relationships with external parties, provide information on accounts & transactions including analysis and reporting

Commerce & transactions 

Enable external parties to transact online: pay bills, order & buy products & services in new ways
Content & management

Provide external parties with current, relevant, meaningful content
Marketing & communications
Provide external parties with with personalised & customised information & offers
Make existing business processes more efficient, remove siloed operations and implement cross functional processes
Articulate the brand more effectively
Improve existing and develop new products & services
Make more money and / or reduce costs


These outcomes will be achieved through technology, process and people change initiatives in the Digital Transformation

Transition to devOps

Pioneering the way and helping you navigate from Waterfall to Agile, transitioning to DevOps. We have experts and teams to help you to modernise your change approach to be more software engineering led but to also leverage your experience in  managing projects previously


How to accelerate delivery but not throw the baby out with the bath water


Defining a Digital functionality roadmap and high-level schedule will be the prerequisite for mobilising a Digital Transformation Programme.


Beware seeing Digital as a major project as it is an ongoing organisation-wide change activity

Customer Experience

A Digital strategy and transformation will overlap with the customer experience strategy. Customer experience needs to be at the heart of the digital programme, but management cite limitations arising from inflexible technology, siloed organisational behaviours and insufficient investments in customer experience initiatives as the biggest obstacles to delivering the best possible customer experience

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