customer experience

For many businesses it is daunting to begin to understand how important it is to have a clear vision and strategy around how your customers interact, not only today, but in the future, in a rapidly evolving digital world.


Equally, it is sadly true that sometime the needs of how our customers operate in a "real world" are overlooked in development of new processes or technologies which appear the perfect solution in Head Office. What were once compelling business cases disappear behind the force of falling NPS scores, poor press and publicity and ultimately, loss of hard-earned customers.


As seen from a number of high profile business failures, not addressing this in a timely way, but also in close collaboration with your target customer groups can be an expensive mistake.


However, putting the customer at the heart of the strategy and development process can give a business an incredible opportunity to grow and develop new previously untried ways of engaging with customers; through new innovate products, differentiation in channel offerings, and  close alignment to brand and perceptions (again in particular reference with specific socio-economic groups e.g. millennials).


Added to all that is the need to ensure that delivery of your Change Project or Portfolio creates a compelling and understandable experience for the end users - the customer. An organisation that tries to change too many of its core customer facing offerings is likely to cause confusion, dissatisfaction and ultimately loss of business as highly mobile consumers vote with their feet.


At AUGERE, we have many years of experience in creating and delivering a powerfully customer-led change or transformation strategy and plan. With direct experience of leading strong brands with high customer expectations, we understand how critical it is to get this mix right, and are able to bring a wealth of knowledge in how to create the ideal mix between customer satisfaction and business and operational targets.